Wolves of The Sea!

Piracy’s Entrant in the Eurovision Shanty Contest


In the coming Pirate Utopia, ’twill not be all hard tack and chaw. We’ll be free to revel in the free interchange of shanties across the Landlubber borders. To that end, we salute this year’s Pirate-based entry to the Eurovision Shanty Contest.



2 Responses to “Wolves of The Sea!”

  1. 1 Captain Greyscale 23 May, 2008 at 12:25 am

    This is a mockery of all that TRUE Pirates hold dear.
    These pseudo-pirates wear brightly coloured clothes before a coloured background.

    Any TRUE Pirate would follow Captain Blood and all the TRUE Pirates who went afore him and exist solely in Black and White.

  2. 2 Cap'n Pickhard 7 June, 2008 at 10:42 am

    Cap’n Greyscale,

    you know nowt what you talk of. All the best pirates were colourful. Bluebeard is the most a’famed that springs to me mind.

    And as fer the Wolves o’ the Sea, ’twas clear from the results in the Eurovision Shanty Contest, which I has just received word of here in Pirate Cay, that there does be a large and vocal Pirate population still held in serv’tude and ignorance by the landlubbin’ classes on the island o’ Ireland. A clear warnin’ shot across the landlubber bows is what it was.

    Wolves 12 Landlubbers 0…

    …that’s how Cap’n Richards summed it up fer me here in Pirate Cay.

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