Keith Richards: Pirate Or Not?

Avast maties, ’tis the time o’ the week again where we enquire “Pirate or Not” as we seek to seperate the brethern o’ the sail from the ranks of landlubber pretenders.

This week we look at the wandering minsterel Keith Richards o’ the Rolling Stones. He is an intriguing choice and one that requires serious deliberatin’, not least as the Dread Pirate Johnny Depp did claim to model his New Pirating personae on the antics of this rogue o’ the music industry.

So, is Keith Richards a dread pirate or a dreadful lan’lubber?

Not Pirate

· Falls from coconut trees on to his head.

· Stones don’t float well.

· Is friendly with the evil Johnny Depp

· Lacks eye patch or parrot.


· Likes his rum.

· Probably knows loads o’ shanties, including the rude verses

· His facebook page lists his interests as wenches, shanties, rum and mischief.

· Really really really likes his rum.

· Sails ’round the Caribbean and has his own island fortress in Pirate (or Parrot) Cay

· Did we mention that he REALLY likes his rum.

· Successfully avoids death when falling from coconut trees on to his head.

All things considered, and even allowing for his ties to the Johnny Depp and New Piracy, it is clear that Keith Richards is most definitely a pirate in the proudest sense of our traditions.


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