Pirates with Two Eyepatches

Arr Me Hearties!

As my fellow Captain has shown using lengths of coloured blue rope, the crew of the good ship Ireland are overwhelmingly Piratey. And yet we do be facing the mystery- why do Pirates have less influence than Landlubbers, propped up as they are by the curish New Pirates?

I tell ‘ee this and no more need I say-many of our fellow Pirates are unaware of their true nature. Surrounded on all sides by Landlubber media which denies them a voice as surely as a parrot under a blanket, they do not see the Pirate in themselves.

It must be one of the finest tasks of the Irish Pirate Review to free these poor souls from the darkness- to take off at least one eyepatch so they may realise their Pirate destiny in monocular glory.

Yo! Ho! Ho!


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Arrh! The Photo above be available for us to be using though Creative Commons by missy_1074 from Flickr. We thankee!
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